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Since early childhood Satyaa expressed an intense love for music, art and dance. As a child she was spending hours and hours with singing and listening to music learning lyrics of songs she liked. This led her to the study of piano, classical and modern dance. After finishing a musical high school she studied visual arts (cinema, photography and painting) at the University of Beaux Arts of Geneva.

In Lucknow she met Pari Laskaridis. They discovered that they also shared a deep love for music and singing - that´s what they have been doing ever since.

Soon after this she moved to Corfu, Greece, in 1995, where she has been living with Pari and their daughter Mira, who was born in 2000. Satyaa has been sharing her love for God and Truth in weekly gatherings at the Alexis Zorbas Center which Pari had co-founded in 1991..

She started to travel with Pari all over the world leading retreats, chanting seminars and concerts touching many people´s hearts with her Love and Fire for Truth. Currently she is living in Munich, Germany with Pari and Mira. In the summer months she is spending much time in Corfu, Greece.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Mul Mantra 9:00 3,196
Aad Gurey Nameh 9:25 2,050
Aad Such 9:00 1,873
Ra Ma Da Sa 9:49 1,539
Ong Namo 9:30 1,487
Long Time Sun 3:37 1,303
Living Song 5:19 1,112


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