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Tigerstyle is a Scottish bhangra group from Glasgow from a British Punjabi background. Raj and Pops come from a folk background, with the traditional upbringing of a Sikh family, with their roots in Punjab, Punjabi folk music, in particular Punjabi music from the late 1970s to early 1980s, including artists such as Kuldip Manak and Surinder Shinda as well as Bollywood music. They also list Rap, Hip hop, RnB and Drum n bass with artists such as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube as influences.

They started their music career in 1997 when as DJs they created Desi Bombsquad Sound System with the intent of nurturing the bhangra scene in Scotland as they felt it lagged behind the English bhangra scene. The name Tigerstyle is taken from the Tiger Style of Shaolin Kung Fu named after the tiger,[3] with the brothers coming from a Sikh warrior background which has its own martial art, Gatka, and the name Singh meaning lion.

The brothers have released a number of singles and albums and also done official remixes for artists such as Lisa Maffia and Raghav. After a legal dispute with previous record companies, they signed to Nachural Records, the label that launched Panjabi MC.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Son of a Sardar 3:28 9,670
Satnaam Waheguru 8:26 7,902
Nishaney Kaumaan de 5:21 5,445
Dummaleyan Wale 5:31 1,279


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