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Veer Bhupinder Singh

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Bhupinder Singh, a renowned visionary, very often addressed as VEER JI or Veer Bhupinder Singh Ji, has been well nurtured in his childhood by mother, father and maternal grandmother. They always engulfed him with love and teachings of Gurbani. Being a sincere, meticulous and keen learner, he was always a good student. Reciting the daily prayers with elders of the family was a norm and unknowingly he developed a keen interest and enthusiasm in learning Gurbani and thereon researching it endlessly. This seems to be the inheritance from his forefathers. As the most honorable Late Chief Justice Teja Singh Ji was Bhupinder Singh’s father’s maternal uncle. And Teja Singh Ji was the great grandson of Bhai Maha Singh Ji who got baptized by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and fought in Chamkaur Di Garhi.
Having completed Civil Engineering, he worked for few years and thereafter started an export-import business in Bangkok and then in USA.

Veer Ji’s father Charan Singh was very empathetic to understand that his son had a deep interest in Gurbani and thus advised him to retire early from business and dwell in Gurbani. This piece of advice was a blessing for him and resulted in cent percent dedication and devotion to research the words of wisdom from Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This noble cause has been his mission of life and his entire family including his mother, elder brother, wife, daughter, sisters, and nephew all are supporting him in complete compassion.

In the year 1996, Veer Ji started an NGO called – The Living Treasure which is a registered, non-profitable, voluntary, non-governmental organization headquartered in Delhi. It has twin objectives:

1) Personality Development through Self-Elevation.
2) Helping the needy, less privileged brethren of our society, by providing them with the basic services without any discrimination of religion, caste and creed.

In the year 1998 he started conducting mind balancing seminars, lectures, and discourses and one to one dialogue with people of all age groups at various schools, colleges, interfaith gatherings and congregations not only in India but around the globe. The subjects of discussion cover various social, family, personal life style matters and day to day problems faced by each one of us at any time in the life.

While offering highly practical and simple solutions to many complex problems of life, Veer Bhupinder Singh uses all his experiences with the people from all walks of life under the guidance of Gurbani.

These interactive sessions attract the youth and people of all ages, who feel free to ask their questions and doubts. Veer Ji’s exploration is from the very aspect of nurturing the shriveled human thinking process by understanding and living the precious Godly qualities. He has a very simple approach to negotiate the problem of any magnitude, which makes easier for every person to gather enough strength to solve the same without stressing oneself.

With vast experience of meeting so many people, listening to their problems and then with full sincerity and warmth, finding a suitable solution under the guidance of the universal truth i.e. Gurbani has become his passion in empathy.

He has also written a number of books on variety of subjects of common interest in Punjabi, Hindi and English.

Punjabi Books
1. Jeevan Jach Da Khazana Volume - 1 (ISBN 81-89168-00-2)
2. Jeevan Jach Da Khazana Volume – 2 (ISBN 81-89168-12-6)
3. Jeevan Jaach Da Khazana – Volume 3 (ISBN 81-89168-38-X)
4. Dil Nu Dilan Di Raah (ISBN 81-89168-01-0)
5. Rabbi Gunn (ISBN 81-89168-07-X)
6. Jaag Re Man Jaagenhaarey (ISBN 81-89168-15-0)
7. Jeevan Mukat (ISBN 81-89168-19-3)
8. Gurbani De Chanan Vich Akhan (ISBN 81-89168-30-4)
9. Jeevan Jugat (ISBN 81-89168-33-9)
10. Shalok Mahala Nova (ISBN 81-89168-36-3)
11. Godari (ISBN 81-89168-39-8)
12. Savera (ISBN 81-89168-42-8)
13. Virasat (ISBN 81-89168-46-0)
14. Sachiyara Kiven Baniye –Jap Ji Sahib (ISBN 81-89168-56-8)
15. Gyan Da Chanan (ISBN 81-89168-04-5)
16. Prabh Paas Beinti (ISBN 81-89168-05-3)
17. Pardesan (ISBN 81-89168-08-8) Milan Ki Baria (ISBN 81-89168-22-3)
18. Sacha Sauda (ISBN 81-89168-26-6)Ardas (ISBN 81-89168-31-2)
19. Dhyan Jappana (ISBN 81-89168-32-0)
20. Krodh (ISBN 81-89168-34-7)
21. Alahnia (ISBN 81-89168-35-5)
22. Manukhta de bhale layi Satgur (ISBN 81-89168-43-6)
23. Santokh (ISBN 81-89168-55-X)
24. Sadd Jeevan (ISBN 81-89168-60-6)
25. Andher Binaas (ISBN 81-89168-61-4)
26. Ades Baba Ades (ISBN 81-89168-23-1)

English Books
1. Legacy of the Guru (ISBN 81-89168-11-8)
2. Eternal Wisdom (ISBN 81-89168-24-X)
3. Truth being lived (ISBN 81-89168-27-4)
4. Contentment (ISBN 81-89168-28-2)
5. Meditation (ISBN 81-89168-29-0)
6. Journey from heart to hearts (ISBN 81-89168-37-1)
7. A precious gift to mankind - Satgur (ISBN 81-89168-45-2)
8. Clear Conscience (ISBN 81-89168-47-9)
9. Forgiveness (ISBN 81-89168-50-9)
10. Sleep (ISBN 81-89168-63-0)

Hindi Books
1. Ishvariya Gunn (ISBN 81-89168-20-7)
2. Jeevan Jaach Ka Khazana (ISBN 81-89168-21-5)
3. Sachiara Kaise Bane – Jap Ji (ISBN 81-89168-40-1)
4. Dil Se Dilon Kee Raah (ISBN 81-89168-41-X)
5. Manavta ki bhlayi hetu satgur (ISBN 81-89168-44-4)
6. Virasat (ISBN 81-89168-53-3)
7. Santosh (ISBN 81-89168-54-1)
8. Vivah Ya Prem Vivah (ISBN 81-89168-57-6)
9. Insaniat Bharpoor Vivah (ISBN 81-89168-58-4)

With the passion for Gurbani singing, he composes the tunes only after a thorough study of theme of the Shabad. Most of his lectures are available on or on the website



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