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Salok ma 3 ||
Today's Hukamnama has been given to us by the image of Seva in the house of Guru Nanak, Sri Guru Amar Das Jee. Guru Amar Das Jee has blessed us in The Raag Vaddhans, meaning the greatest swan. This divine swan of Raag in which we are encouraged to give up all fakeness, all falseness, and embrace the truth.

Sathigur miliai bhukh gee bhaekhee bhukh n jaae ||
Sath means truth. Gur means The One Who leads you from ignorance into light. The True Guru Who can lead you from the darkness of ignorance into the beaming light of truth. Miliai - upon meeting That True Guru, bhukh - means hunger, not just the hunger for food, but every hunger, desires, hopes, all these hungers, gee - they depart. But Guru Jee says, bhaekhee, by dressing up, by adorning a particular dress, bhukh n jaae. Bhukh means hunger, n means does not, jaae means to depart, to go. Your hunger will not go if you are something else on the inside, and something else on the outside. You have to completely surrender to The Guru, you have to completely meet with The Guru. Meeting with The Guru does not just mean going to The Gurudwara and standing there. Meeting with The Guru means that your soul meets with That of The Guru. Baba Farid says about those people who are something else on the inside and something else on the outside -

Jina man hor mukh hor s kaatae kachiaa II
Those whose mind is something else, and outwardly there's something else,
they are the truly false people, they are completely false.

Dhukh lagai ghar ghar firai agai dhoonee milai sajaae ||
Lagai means to be afflicted with, to be attached, dhukh means pain. What happens to those people who are false? Ghar ghar firai. Ghar ghar means from house to house, firai means to wander, to roam. They roam the streets. Now they may not necessarily roam about physically, but spiritually they roam from Guru to Guru, from house to house. Agai - in the next world, dhoonee milai sajaae. Dhoonee means double, milai means to receive, sajaae means punishment. They wander around aimlessly in this world, and in the next world, they get even double punishment. What's double punishment? That they have to come back to this world and suffer all that again.

A(n)dhar sehaj n aaeiou sehajae hee lai khaae ||
A(n)dhar - internally, sehaj - complete intuitive peace, n means does not, aaeiou means to come. Into the mind of the person who is false on the inside, peace cannot ever enter. Sehajae hee lai khaae. That person cannot khaae, cannot eat whatever comes his way. What does that really mean? Sehajae hee lai khaae. Sehajae means with peace, hee lai khaae means to eat. Here it means the person who does not have intuitive peace in his mind cannot eat what God sends his way. What does that mean? It means that person cannot accept Hukam. Only by accepting The Hukam of God, God's Divine Will, can we ever gain intuitive peace.

Manehat(h) jis thae ma(n)ganaa lainaa dhukh manaae ||
Manehat(h), man means mind, hat(h) means stubborn. With a stubborn mind, that person jis thae ma(n)ganaa. He ma(n)ganaa, he begs from the people around him. Jis thae, Guru Jee says from the people he begs from, lainaa dhukh manaae, when he lainaa - receives from those people, dhukh manaae, even they feel pain. That person begs from the people around him, he bites out at them, even the people who give things to him, even those people who do good for him or her, he'll bite out at those people around him.

Eis bhaekhai thhaavahu gireho bhalaa jithhahu ko varasaae ||
Eis means this, bhaekhai, being a beggar. Instead of being a beggar thhaavahu, gireho bhalaa. Bhalaa means it's better, gireho means to be a householder. Instead of begging from house to house, it's better to be a householder. Jithhahu ko varasaae. Jithhahu means from where, ko varasaae means you can give to others. Instead of going around begging from street to street Guru Jee says, it's better to be a householder, so you can give to others, so you can help others.

Sabadh rathae thinaa sojhee pee dhoojai bharam bhulaae ||
Sabadh rathae, those who are rathae, who are attuned, who are coloured in The sabadh, The Word of God, thinaa means those people, sojhee means understanding, pee means to find. Those people who have attuned themselves to The Sabadh of God, to The Waheguru Mantar, those people find understanding. Dhoojai bharam bhulaae. Bharam means in doubt, bhulaae means to wander. Dhoojai - others, are deluded by doubt.

Paeiai kirath kamaavanaa kehanaa kashhoo n jaae ||
Paeiai kirath means past actions. Kamaavanaa means to act upon. The people who only act upon their past karma and do not build anything up in this life, Guru Jee says kehanaa kashhoo n jaae. Kehanaa means to speak, kashhoo n jaae, means you cannot say anything to them. What can you say to them? Guru Jee says that you cannot say anything to them to change them.

Naanak jo this bhaavehi sae bhalae jin kee path paavehi thhaae ||1||
Naanak - O Nanak, jo - those, who this - The Lord, bhaavehi means who are pleasing to. Those people who are pleasing to Waheguru, those people are bhalae, they are beautiful, righteous, truthful. Jin kee path paavehi thhaae. For those people, jin kee, path - honour, paavehi thhaae means to look after. God Himself holds their honour.

Ma 3 ||

Sathigur saeviai sadhaa sukh janam maran dhukh jaae ||
Saeviai means to serve, Sathigur means The True Guru. By serving The True Guru, what do you receive? Sadhaa - forever, sukh - peace. You find a lasting eternal peace by serving The Guru - the sukh. The pain of janam - being born, maran - of dying, jaae - goes.

Chi(n)thaa mool n hovee achi(n)th vasai man aae ||
Chi(n)thaa means worries, anxieties. Hovee means to happen, n means never, mool means even a tiny bit. Even a tiny bit never afflicts that person. Why? Because Achi(n)th, The carefree Lord, vasai - dwells, man - mind, aae - inside. Because The carefree Lord dwells in their mind. That person that is one with The Carefree, how is he ever going to have a worry?

A(n)thar theerathh giaan hai sathigur dheeaa bujhaae ||
A(n)thar means inside, theerathh means shrine, giaan hai means there is knowledge. Deep inside that person, they have a shrine which they carry with them always, that shrine is of sacred and spiritual knowledge. Sathigur means The True Guru, dheeaa means has given, bujhaae means to be revealed. The True Guru has revealed this to those who are in love with Him.

Mail gee man niramal hoaa a(n)mrith sar theerathh naae ||
Mail means filth, gee means to be removed. The filth of past lives is removed. man - the mind, niramal - pure, hoaa means to become. The mind has become pure, it's been washed away by The Carefree Lord. Inside he finds the a(n)mrith sar, the ambrosial immortal pool of nectar within him. Theerathh naae, in that sight of pilgrimage, in that sacred shrine, naae, he bathes away all his past filth.

Sajan milae sajanaa sachai sabadh subhaae ||
Sajan - the friend, which is the soul, milae sajanaa, meets with The true Friend Who is God. Sachai sabadh subhaae through The True sabadh, through The True Word, and through the love of The True Word, this soul and the eternal soul merge.

Ghar hee parachaa paaeiaa jothee joth milaae ||
Ghar hee - within His own being, parachaa paaeiaa - he finds the true self. Jothee joth milaae, it's like a jothee going into a joth, like one flame merging into another, the light blending into The Divine Light. Milai means to have union.

Paakha(n)dd jamakaal n shhoddee lai jaasee path gavaae ||
But Guru Jee says, those people who do paakha(n)dd, who are hypocrites, who are something on the outside and something else on the inside, jamakaal - The messenger of death, n shhoddee - he does not give up that person, he hangs onto that person, lai jaasee - the messenger of death takes that person away, he drags them away. Path - honour, gavaae - to lose, that person loses his honour and is lead away in dishonour.

Naanak naam rathae sae oubarae sachae sio liv laae ||2||
Naanak - O Nanak, naam rathae - those people who are imbued in The Naam, sae - those people, oubarae - are saved. sachae sio liv laae. Because they have liv laae, laae means attached, liv means love. They've attached their love to the sachae, to The One Who is Truth.

Pourree ||

Thith jaae behahu sathasa(n)gathee jithhai har kaa har naam biloeeai ||
Jaae means go, behahu means sit, thith means the, sathasa(n)gathee means the sathsa(n)gath, in the holy congregation. After saying go and sit in the true congregation, Guru Jee defines the true congregation. Jithhai - where, har kaa har naam biloeeai. The true congregation is that place, is jithhai, har kaa har naam - The Name of The Lord, biloeeai means to churn, like they used to churn milk to make butter. The holy congregation is where the mind is churned with The Name of God, where the mind is attuned to The Name of God.

Sehajae hee har naam laehu har thath n khoeeai ||
Sehajae hee, in complete and utter peace, har naam laehu. Take The Name of God in intuitive peace, laehu means to take, har naam means The Name of God. Let The Name of God enter into your mind and soul in such an intuitive peace that har thath n khoeeai. Thath means essence, n khoeeai means to lose. Don't lose the essence of The Lord.

Nith japiahu har har dhinas raath har dharageh dtoeeai ||
Nith means again and again, japiahu means to meditate upon, har har means The Name of The Lord, dhinas raath means day and night. Meditate constantly, day and night. Har dharageh dtoeeai, in the har dharageh, in The court of God, dtoeeai, you will find a place, you will be accepted.

So paaeae pooraa sathaguroo jis dhhur masathak lilaatt likhoeeai ||
So - that person, paaeae - finds, poora - The perfect, sathaguroo - The True Guru, jis - upon whose, masathak - forehead, dhhur lilaatt likhoeeai. That person finds The True Guru, upon whose forehead such pre-ordained destiny has likhoeeai, has been written before.

This gur ka(n)o sabh namasakaar karahu jin har kee har gaal galoeeai ||4||
This means to that, gur means Guru, ka(n)o means to, sabh means all, namasakaar means bow down, karahu means to do. Everyone bow down to That Guru, everyone. That True Guru Who has taken us from the darkness of ignorance into the light of truth. Jin kar kee har gaal galoeeai. Jin - who, har kee har gaal, gaal means word, it means mantra, it means sermon, it means teaching, it means knowledge, galoeeai - to speak. Bow down to That Guru Who has shown you the way to God. Bow down to That Guru Who has blessed you with Divine Love of The Diving Being.

Sathigur miliai bhukh gee bhaekhee bhukh n jaae ||
Dhukh lagai ghar ghar firai agai dhoonee milai sajaae ||

Jakaaraa gajaave, Nihaal ho jaave,
Guru Amar Das Sahib Ji de man nu bhaave,
Sat Sri Akal, Gur bar Akal,
Deg Teg Fateh,
Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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