Turbans & Sikhs - The Sikh Coach & SinghBrews


Welcome to Episode 5. Turbans & Sikhs.  I share this episode with Saran Singh from @SinghBrews on Instagram to discuss the Turban and its significance for Sikhs and we share our own personal journey's as Turban wearing Sikhs.    There are many misconceptions about Turbans and this is our effort to educate and dispel any myths and give insight into our personal reflections of wearing a Turban and the significance for us wearing one on a daily basis.  Wishing you find value in this episode - do share and feedback on any questions or future topics you would like us to cover.  You can contact me on [email protected] or on Instagram @thesikhcoach and Saran Singh on Instagram @singhbrews. Stay blessed.  Avtar Singh - The Sikh Coach

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