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Play Title Album Artist Length Plays
Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Live Recording - Guru Nanak Dwara - Phoenix - Jan 26 - 2018 The Partap Brothers: Ravinder, Bhai Davinder & Mohinder Partap Singh 8:40 5,044
Uth Naam Jap Nis Basur Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 13:19 13,188
Gur Taar Taranhareya Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 11:48 17,658
Mittar Pyara Nanak Ji Bhai Tejinder Pal Singh Dhulla 4:42 109,712
Satgur Hai Gyaan Satgur Hai Pooja Bhai Amolak Singh (AKJ) 12:15 9,618
Sun Santho Nirmal Beechaar Bhai Amolak Singh (AKJ) 34:09 12,035
Mittar Pyare Nu Neelay Khan 9:40 3,475
Kar Kirpa Kirpal Aape Bakash Ley Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 19:44 43,589
Karamheen Dhan Karey Benanti Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 9:03 14,185
Hukami Varsan Lage Meha Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 21:17 30,397
Jaag Ray Mann Jaganhare Bhai Harpreet Singh (AKJ) 10:05 14,536
Jao Tan Bhayeo Chin Chin Bhai Amolak Singh (AKJ) 26:46 8,612
Har Ka Bilovna Bilovho Mere Bhai Bhai Joginder Singh (AKJ) 14:46 1,128
Sabh Kich Tuhain Tuhain Mere Pyare Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 31:14 76,156
Meri Mat Baori Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 12:15 14,828
Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhaya Neelay Khan 5:12 4,328
Sun Nah Prabhu Jeo Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 17:21 20,463
Sura So Pehchaniye Bhai Gagandeep Singh (Sri Ganganagar) 8:21 17,589
Mere Ghar Aavo Bhai Tejinder Pal Singh Dhulla 9:55 15,059
Ae Mann Aisa Satgur Khoj Laho Bhai Amolak Singh (AKJ) 19:18 29,252
Bahur Ham Kahe Avehnge Bhai Joginder Singh (AKJ) 10:18 1,097
Koi Bole Ram Ram Neelay Khan 9:03 3,959
Sunho Loka Main Prem Ras Paaya Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 17:12 14,588
Bholavarey Bhuli Bhul Bhul Pachotani Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 6:40 21,018
Sada Sada Mann Naam Samaal Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 18:11 17,833
Tareo Sansaar Maya Mad Mohat Bhai Amolak Singh (AKJ) 13:15 6,330
Koi Aavai Santo Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 22:49 20,255
Vadi Hu Vada Apar Tera Martaba Bhai Amolak Singh (AKJ) 2:42 769
Din Raati Aaradhou Pyaro Bhai Joginder Singh (AKJ) 8:05 3,030
Naam Beej Santokh Suhaga Anantvir Singh (AKJ) 15:44 21,028