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Play Title Album Artistsort descending Length Plays
Sun Sajan Preetam Mereya Sun Sajan Preetam Mereya 7:46 475
Mai Vangajaray Naa Ram Akhiee Sun Sajan Preetam Mereya 10:34 299
Tere Satderdaa Tere Satderdaa Sun Sajan Preetam Mereya 9:26 270
Sohna Shabad Dita Maraa Sun Sajan Preetam Mereya 7:03 238
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Sun Sajan Preetam Mereya 2:25 3,375
Aisay Gur Ko Bal Bal Jayay (Crimson) Crimson Balvinder Singh (Australia) 3:21 8,342
The Unknown is Known to Thee Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:50 410
Guru Ram Das Blues One In The Spirit - Disc 1 The Song is Never-Ending Avtar Singh Khalsa 2:36 1,584
All Things Come From God Avtar Singh Khalsa 8:20 2,554
Kundalini Yoga Avtar Singh Khalsa 5:47 715
We are the People of Love Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:36 980
May The Long Time Sun Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:01 1,481
Guru Guru Ram Das Guru Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:14 13,004
We Pray for Peace Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:21 443
Freedom Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:18 499
Every Time I think of God I Just Want to Shout... Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:50 1,793
The Most Powerful Sound is the Word Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:23 793
Song of the Khalsa song of the khalsa (blues style) Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:32 2,999
There is a God Avtar Singh Khalsa 8:12 503
Guru Ram Das Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:23 1,369
We all Come From One Creator Avtar Singh Khalsa 8:30 599
Martin Luther King Avtar Singh Khalsa 5:43 486
God is the Doer of All Things Avtar Singh Khalsa 5:41 730
Ghori Tejan Deh Ram Summer Solstice 2009 Bhai Baldeep Singh 7:57 5,082
Madho Ham Aise Too Aisa Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole Alaap 10:01 3,620
Ram Simar Pachtaega Man Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole Alaap 7:45 2,461
Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole Alaap 6:58 9,403
E Doi Naina Mat Chhooho Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole Alaap 8:09 2,780
Aisi Preet Gobind Sio Laagi Sabhe Ghat Ram Bole Alaap 9:24 4,767
Aad Guray Nameh (Mangalacharan Mantra) Sacred Circle Amrit Kirtan 7:55 26,709