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80-year-old army veteran says, “I can’t swallow this humiliation.”

Did I serve 22 years in army to hear the word terrorist?

Gurmukh Singh an 80-year-old is a retired army officer who provided service for the nation 3 decades ago. He is a small farmer from Fatehgarh Sahib district with 1 and half acre plot and grows wheat and paddy. He is against the farm laws since day 1 and joined the Farmer Protest from the beginning. He is the oldest of all the persons detained by Delhi Police at Nirankari ground in Burari on January 28. He was released 16 days later on a bail and is back to his village.

In a conversation with a news TV he said, "I can’t swallow this humiliation."

Here’s the short story why he said those strong words.

Gurmukh Singh and other 25 men started their journey towards Delhi on January 25 and since he was tired during the journey he decided to take rest in one of the tent instead of participating in the tractor rally.

So he was not arrested from Red Fort but was hit and dragged by few police men who were deployed on the ground. On January 28, the electricity was suddenly cut off and when Gurmukh came out of his tent the policemen caught and pushed him to the ground and started dragging him away from the tent.

He tried his best to get out of the police hands, he tried to hold a police barricade, tried to escape from the police bus. Why wouldn’t he do this? Anyone honest will try to fight and escape if they are forcefully taken away by police.

After all the efforts by the army veteran, he was forcefully put in the police bus and taken to Tihar jail, where he spent 15 days.

A lawyer from Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee managed to get bail form him on February 9.

Gurmukh Singh told that he served in Indian army for 22 years. He fought 1962 Indo-China War & India-Pakistan War in 1965 and Bangladesh Liberation War. He said, “I dedicated my life for the security of this nation and now they are calling me terrorist. I can’t swallow this humiliation.”

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