Book Review: Time & Knots

'As my Soul became the poetic core, the journey became uncharted…'

When I first received a copy of “Time & Knots”, I did not know what to expect. I knew that it was a book full of poems, but figured it was going to be the same old, same old and that it would just be full of verses utilizing complicated wordplay (which oftentimes makes the message go over my head). I was wrong. 

Time & Knots (written by Taran Singh) is not only aesthetically pleasing, but maintains a format throughout the book that helps the poems flow naturally, thereby making it an easy read. His additional placement of phrases written in Gurmukhi throughout the book, rather than take away from the pages, adds to them.


My favorite poem in particular that he wrote is called “Autumn”. As a preteen and teenager, I was obsessed with celebrating the different seasons and holidays which occurred in them. Starting in August, I would begin to get into the spirit of Fall and decorate my room with objects such as plastic pumpkins, leaf window decals, and mini scarecrows. Reading the poem not only conjured up within me feelings of nostalgia, but inspired me to get in touch with that side of myself again. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to all people who revere nature, respect nature, celebrate the seasons, and/or love poetry. Let its contents motivate you to write your own poetry (or create your own artwork) expressing your connection to the natural world. 

To purchase it, click here. The Kindle version is currently on sale for only $0.99! You won’t want to miss out. 

Here is what the author, Taran Singh, says in his blog:


Taran Singh |  @Time&knots


Designing Time & Knots was like breaking the mold of time to create a space for a knot. The illustration and the inner composition had to complement each other. The Pitch poem and the preface for Time set the ethereal tone, but the million-dollar question was the Season that will make and break the illusion of change & us. 

Initially, I had imagined to open with Spring and culminate with Winter, kind of follow a chartered course, but as my Soul became the poetic core, the journey became uncharted…

I wrote

with silence and chaos
with passion and charm
with rhythm and fall
with hunger & high.

with vulnerability & pride,
with freedom & grip
with dye & shine
with welcome and smile.

with void & bliss
with bloom & gasp
with strike & bow
with edge & infinite.

The warmth of Summer and its undying clench surfaced as the season to break open the cyclical mist.

Here is  Summer,  rendered in Latvian landscape by a soul that will leave you in awe & flow. 

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