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From Kaal to Akaal

Reflections on the relationship of the two concepts and the significance they have in our lives.

All that can be perceived through the five senses, no matter how magnificent, pompous or praise worthy it might be, is transient. Gurbani,refers to anything that is transient,  with a beginning and an end, as Kaal. To limit oneself to what is transient and identify with what is transient is our limited self (Haume), a state of ignorance. 

One who has realized the nature of Kaal and gracefully accepts the fragility of the perceptual world becomes capable of satisfying the insatiable desire of their mind. Being desireless is to understand the true nature of Kaal and the consequences of identification with Kaal. Our physical body and mind, both are in the domain of Kaal. The consequence of treating oneself as transient is to live in the darkness of ignorance. 

The mind’s domain of dominance is a realm of existence within time and space (kaal). The realm of existence within kaal is sustained by presence and propagation of desires. The domain of Kaal (in time and space) is an infinitesimal part of the super domain of Akal (timeless and spaceless), To be desireless is to step into the timeless and spaceless realm of existence, whereby one understands the emergence of Kaal within and from Akal, how Akal is imbued within Kaal and is outside Akal.

What is transient (kaal) is infinitesimal in reference to what is permanent (Akal). Knowing the transient and infinitesimal nature of our Kaal dimension of existence, and infinite nature of our Akal dimension of existence one does not run after the transient world. It is idiotic for Akal to pursue Kaal. It is an act of ignorance for source (Akal) to pursue its shadow (kaal). 

A realized person (Gurmukh) has realized the true nature of their existence (Akal), listens and sings songs of oneness, remaining unperturbed through pain and happiness, in adversity, in loss and in gain. A realized person sees one Akal in all Kaal, and remains detached (Nirlep) to what is transient. Such is the life of a Gurmukh, who fully knows the true nature of Akal purkh, their own existence, and how inseparable are the two, like light and Sun. Until one does not wake up to their true nature of existence, one considers and treats themselves as something they are not. This misidentification (Haume/Ego) is the perpetual source of discomfort and pain. One can inspire others by waking up to their own true nature. One can only wake up the world by waking up first.  


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Bhupinder Singh

I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

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