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Meeting the community where they are – Journey of the Mind

The touring exhibition ‘Journey of the Mind’ continues its journey from Glasgow to Bristol

The touring exhibition ‘Journey of the Mind’ continues its journey from Glasgow to Bristol (5 November – 4 December) at internationally renowned art gallery, Arnolfini, before it moves on to Nottingham's New Art Exchange early next year. 

The ‘Journey of the Mind’ exhibition, conceived by arts organisation ‘Without Shape Without Form’, is and will always be for everyone, for all of humankind. The message that resonates throughout is one of equality, love and simplicity. 

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The extraordinary paintings by world-renowned artist Kanwar Singh are both captivating and thought-provoking, and the accompanying text panels offer an insight into the lives of the Sikh teachers and how, through these, the journey to understand the mind begins. For each of the paintings in the exhibition, there is an audio version of the text available for those who are visually impaired or those who simply wish to listen. For a select few chosen paintings, visitors to the exhibition can experience what is like an intimate and exclusive chat with the artist, whereby he brings to life the paintings, describing their content, their colours, their symbolism all within what feels like a short story. 

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‘Without Shape Without Form’ takes pride in engaging with the local community and meeting people where they are. An art exhibition can be daunting for many but the importance of the  teachings behind Journey of the Mind led the volunteers to put together a rich, extensive public programme ensuring there is something for every part of the community they visit. The medium of art in all its forms offers a uniquely powerful way to connect with those around us and can become a platform for discussing important topics such as mental health. 

Younger children explore and embody the Sikh values of love, equality and selfless service through a selection of creative and fun ‘Discover’ events. The Glasgow youth had the opportunity to participate in a football tournament called ‘Glasgow Minds’, which whilst being exciting for them, it also offered the chance to have important and purposeful conversations surrounding the stigma of mental health amongst young people. 

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We all know how hard it can be to quieten the noise inside our head. A series of Creative Mind Workshops aimed at adults are designed to help learn how to still the busy mind and approach everyday tasks and challenges with patience and calmness. The Punjabi-speaking community also benefit from having this unique event available to them where everything is explained in Punjabi. 

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What sets ‘Journey of the Mind’ apart from other exhibitions is the way in which its weaves itself into the heart of every city it visits. The dedication and love with which valuable teachings are shared with those most in need is inspiring and offers a ray of light after what has been a dark couple of years. 

Journey of the Mind is continuing its journey across the country with the next two stops in Bristol and Nottingham. 

This unique exhibition will be at the Arnolfini in Bristol from 5 November – 4 December 2022 and then the New Art Exchange in Nottingham from 28 January – 22 April 2023

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