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As I see it, one needs to own equity in something, rather than selling their time...

Hi, my name is Param J Singh, I am 25 years old and a doctorate. I'm part of the fight against climate change through renewable energy and economics.

My family is originally from Kabul, however they had to move due to the changing political conditions in the country at that time. My grandfather, Narain Singh Khurana was a fore-sighted man who managed to gradually move our family and relatives out of Afghanistan. The thought of being uprooted was painful and even though it is hard to leave one’s birthplace, my family safely landed in India.

Growing up, I was aware of my heritage and family history. I have learnt that failure and success go hand-in-hand, and if you are giving it all that you have got, then it’s no longer a matter of IF but rather a matter of when you will achieve success  

When I turned 14, I decided that I wanted to study the subject economics and most importantly, how to create wealth and how to grow it. I always thought being rich was about having enough money, however I questioned where did the money come from and who decided its value. This really awoke my curiosity. Then I planned that after secondary school I would be moving to London and attending London School of Economics.

Discussing Ideas to remove Poverty with Otaviano Canuto, ED at Board of IMF 

So, at 18 years old, I was excited about my new journey and to learn from one of the world’s best institution teaching about economics.

Fortunately, my studies exceeded my expectations. Moreover, I learnt that one of the biggest economic misunderstandings that I had growing up was that it seemed like people got affluent and rich from high salaries. Though there are some exceptions—entertainers for example — according to the Forbes list, almost no one in the history has gotten there with a salary. In my observation, one gets tremendously wealthy by owning things that increase rapidly in value, this could be e.g. stocks of a business, real estate, natural resource, intellectual property etc. As I see it, one needs to own equity in something, rather than selling their time — time can only scale linearly! One of the best ways could be to make or own things that increase rapidly in value that people will want at scale.

At the Graduation Ceremony and getting the Associate of King's College (AKC) award


From the newly gained knowledge, I questioned that how can it be that a small percentage of the world’s population were gaining so much wealth while the majority were struggling in their daily life. 

To dive deeper into this inequality I went for a masters at King’s College London where my focus was institutions and public policy along with the impact it had on different strata of people. 

Through my endeavors, I was bestowed with the King's Leadership and Professional Skills Award and given the honor of Associateship of King's College.

At  CREDS Launch at Westminster Hall

I expanded my network by meeting wise and experienced people, who inspired me every day. By now, I am convinced that the key to remove poverty and hunger from the world is by education and increasing the literacy rate using technology and preparing to innovate.

One of the technologies to achieve that goal would be easy availability of  renewable electricity. Such innovation is mandatory for the development of emerging economies. To conquer the challenge of integrating green electricity with the current grid system, I was given the opportunity to join as a doctorate with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) at the University of Reading. 

Playing my favorite sport fencing in a competetion

And simultaneously I worked as a Project Researcher Specialist at Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) at the University of Oxford. 

Here, I worked on energy demand response to increase flexibility and alignment between renewable energy supply and demand. This was my take in the fight against climate change through renewable energy and economics. 

As they say, 'learning never ends’ 

Since 2018, I have done research on how to better integrate the renewable energy sources into the grid, effectively making electricity less costly for the consumers.


And everyday, I am grateful and excited about this opportunity! 

As my journey continues, I have realized that I can never be a know-it-all and there will always be an opportunity for growth and experiences to learn from. From my point of view, timing and focus are the fundamentals of success. 

As a Sikh, my purpose and values were given by Guruji and they have endured throughout the years. The world is continuously evolving, and I am adapting to it, but my core beliefs have remained intact.

I am very thrilled about the future and the opportunities that will be crossing my path. I am confident in my drive and dedication which will lead me to greater successes whilst enjoying and celebrating the blessings coming my way.


Let’s connect! Click the link below to my LinkedIn and YouTube channel to get in contact. If you have any questions or wanna share any remarks, I will appreciate it and will do my best to answer and provide constructive help and feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hope to hear from you,

Best Wishes, 
Param J Singh 


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