The Story of Guru Nanak Coming to Earth

This is a story that will not only ignite the imagination of young ones it will inspire them to act in their lives....

Guru Nanak is being celebrated all over the world for his Prakash Purab. In honor of this blessed remembrance here is the story of The Master Soul (Guru Nanak) who requested Parmatma (God) to come to earth to help the needy souls being caught in cycles of suffering.

The Guru is there to help everyone in the world and this story has a universal message, like the Guru himself. 

We already have quite a few stories of Guru Nanak but this story needed to encapsulate all those stories. So it exemplifies with the reason for Guru Nanak's birth in this world in the first place. This was beautifully painted for us by a master with words Bhai Vir Singh in his 'Guru Nanak Chamatkar'. He details a conversation with God, Parmatma, and the master soul who became known as Guru Nanak. The master looks at the state of the earth and feels compassion for those who are stuck in the cycle of unfulfillment and are burning in frustration and desire. Sacrificing his own bliss to give peace to other Guru Nanak goes to earth, being accompanied by a parade of angels while the gods and goddesses cheer and praise him. 

This is a story that will not only ignite the imagination of young ones it will inspire them to do good actions in their lives. Most importantly it will assure them that Guru Nanak is present in their lives, personally loving and guiding them. 

Every day is blessed when we remember and enact our Guru's teachings. May this be such a day! 

Blessings and Chardi Kala! 

Editor's note: This article has been edited from it's original version which was released Nov 13th, 2019

Harijot Singh Khalsa

Harijot Singh is a graduate of Miri Piri Academy. He serves as creator of SikhNet Stories. He has also authored several research pieces on Sikh history as well as offered encouraging messages through his articles.

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