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Youth Leader Bring 1st Turbaned Sikh to Oxford Union

We focused in our conversation on how there is a lack of Sikh representation, historically, at the Union - a place where minorities and diversity have not always been a central focus... A lot of members who attended the event had never heard of Sikhi (other than maybe from knowing I am a Sikh or by hearing of the term Sikh) and walked away feeling more educated, connected, and empathetic towards the Sikh community. It was quite special to see and deeply empowering, as well. 

Video Sakhi: Guru HarKrishan & the Greatest SuperPower

Once a beloved of Guru Har Rai asked which one of his beautiful sons; the elder son; Baba Ram Rai or the younger son; Baba HarKrishan, would be the one to sit on the throne of Nanak. Guru ji had the beloved test both sons while they read the Guru's words, by seeing if he could insert a needle into the wood under the books that they were reading... 

Sikh American Jaipal Singh, gets first EQUASION’s 'Beloved Community Builder Award' Posthumously

He was an architect who made significant contributions to the spread of teachings of Sikhism throughout his life’s work. In 2017, he founded his company CHAATRIK. His firm’s design work includes the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Shop ... The award ceremony was held at the same location in park where the Cincinnati parks foundation will be erecting a statue of Cincinnati legend Ezzard Charles.

Chicago Sikhs Participate In Memorial Day Parades & Ceremonies

“The American Sikh community has been actively participating in Chicago Memorial Day ceremonies and parades since 2012. This year in 2022 the members of the American Sikh community from all over the area came together and participated in three separate events in Chicago Downtown, Villages of Schaumburg and Naperville.”

Vismaad – The Awe Factor

This is the type of experience that humans have always longed for. However, to gain a fraction of that grandeur many make use of intoxicants, drugs, herbs, medicines, exercise, yoga postures, and even prayers. But Guru Ji is saying that everyone can experience the feeling of awe, all we need to do is spend more time in nature with awareness. Those who are blessed, experience the awe, and get freed from attachment to the material world. Instead, they get attuned to the Creator, who is full of wonders:

Next Destination After Uvalde Shooting & Houston Convention [OP/ED]

Failure to act now under the stubborn belief that any reform is an infringement on gun rights is not pragmatic. The notion that all reform efforts must stopped at all costs, is akin to helping the next shooter pull the trigger. May the wiser sense prevail, and we see some positive outcome of this blood bath.


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