My journey with SikhNet started when I was in a moment of intense, personal struggle. SikhNet can help so many people the way it helped me.

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Educational & Non-Profit Organizations:

Rotate a banner on the SikhNet family of websites and get the word out about your event.

What we need from you:
TWO OR MORE BANNERS (The more banners, the more exposure)
Image Size 1 - 125x125 pixels - File Size should be less than 10Kb
Image Size 2 - 250 (wide) x139 (high) - File Size should be less than 20Kb

I would suggest that you make a minimum of 2 different versions of each banner size. Some banners attract more response than others and when having a campaign for longer period the click through rate will normally reduce after a while, especially if the same banners are being shown. If you are unable to create your own banners, SikhNet can create them for you for an additional fee of $100.

SikhNet will run your banners promoting your event and linking to the SikhNet Event Calendar or to your event Web site throught the SikhNet family of sites for a special non-profit sponsorship donation of only USD 254. In return for becoming a SikhNet Sponsor at that special rate, your banners will run in rotation for up to a month throughout our family of Web sites. If you wish us to publicise your upcoming event with a SikhNet news story, then please send us a story plus pictures of previous such events and make sure the story contains comments from previous attendees and/or a compelling story that will inspire people to want to atend your event.

For non-profit events and organizations we offer special pricing for sponsorships. By becoming a sponsor you can let thousands of people know about an upcoming event such as a Sikhi Camp or other organizations activities. Let us know what your budget is and we will provide you with options to fit within that budget.Your sponsorship will promote your cause and will help SikhNet to continue providing its services to everyone for free.

To learn more about Sponsoring SikhNet
and explore additional options

Contact SikhNet

 or Telephone (USA) +1-505-490-6562


Commercial Companies:

Since 1995 SikhNet has consistently served the Sikh Community worldwide by providing a safe, neutral place on the Internet where anyone can come and not be judged in any way.  Where each person is sovereign and free to explore his or her own relationship with our Gurus and our lifestyle.  A place where Sikh Youth can find support and can access resources to understand the technology of the lifestyle with which our Gurus have blessed us.

All over our Sikh community, a cadre of companies, organizations and individuals sponsor content that is provided on SikhNet via the Web, television and Internet radio.

Now you can become a SikhNet sponsor and have a message on SikhNet in recognition of your sponsorship.  The location of your message can be shown throughout the SikhNet website.  Your message can be on behalf of a company, an organization, or to honor an event or person in your family or community and it can contain a link to any Web page you wish.

Your sponsorship will promote your cause and will help SikhNet to continue providing its services to everyone for free.

General Sponsorship Levels

    1. Partner - Single sponsorship message throughout the SikhNet website for a one week period.

    2. Sustainer - Multiple sponsorship messages throughout the SikhNet website for a one month period.

    3. Legacy - Multiple sponsorship messages throughout the SikhNet website for a one month period with Priority recognition.

    Please Note: SikhNet reserves the right to review and approve all sponsorships and linked content. Sponsorship options and pricing is subject to change as the program is developed in the coming year. The amount of exposure a sponsorship message receives may vary depending on the level of sponsorship you sign up for and the number of sponsors signed up at any given time.