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Gobind Rai and the 5 Taps

Like most children, young Gobind Rai liked to have fun....

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Gobind Rai and the Five Taps
Like most children, young Gobind Rai liked to have fun. But unlike most children, he never cried and he was always in a happy mood. His mother dressed him up in princely clothes and put a feather in his turban and he always looked very clean and handsome. He was looked after by everyone and was very well protected. His mother, grandmother and uncle were all very saintly people who played with him and raised him in his early years. They loved him so much. Throughout his childhood Gobind Rai had entertainment, games, friends and everything, he was always happy.

Gobind Rai was also a natural leader. He loved to make up games and played every day in the river. He was very fearless and while on a boat he always rowed harder and urged his friends to go faster. Wherever he went, his friends followed him around. When it was time to eat, he would say, “Now everyone sit in a line!” All the kids would sit and eat first because Gobind Rai insisted on eating last. And even though he could be quite mischievous, his actions somehow always brought joy to others.

Once there were two ladies of the community who saw Gobind playing with all his friends. One of them badly wanted a son. She admired so much, "He's such a handsome, charming child! Oh how I long to have a child like that!" Her friend replied, "He's more than a handsome boy, he's the son of the Guru. He's a divine child. I’ve heard that what he says comes true, even when he’s joking. If you ask him to bless you with a son, I’m sure he has the power to do it, just like his father the Guru."

The two women went to Gobind Rai, and the childless one asked, "I have no child to play with in my lap. Will you bless me with a child? I want nothing else." Gobind Rai's mood became a little more serious and he spoke carefully like an adult, "It all depends on one's deeds. If it is your destiny, then you will have children. It is not for me to say." The women were really surprised with the wisdom coming from such a young boy.

The woman knew better than to give up. So she went to Gobind Rai’s mother, Mata Gujri Ji and said, "I have full faith in your holy husband. If he were here, I would ask him for this blessing. I long for nothing more than to have a child like Gobind Rai. I know that he is a special boy, can you please ask him to bless me with a child?"

Mata Gujri was a very beautiful and loving lady, and she knew the woman was very heartfelt in her wish. So when Gobind Rai finished playing outside, Mata Gujri Ji asked him, "Gobind, my child. This woman is a devotee of your father. Why don't you fulfill her wish; all she wants is to have a beautiful son to play with in her lap." Gobind Rai was always in a good mood and cheerfully responded, "Mataji, you know children aren't given by God just like that; this lady must give something. Her family has many boats. Ask her to give away the most beautiful one. Then she can be blessed with not one but five sons."

The woman, on hearing this from Mata Gujri, knew what a great blessing this was. Gobind Rai came to her with a stick in his hand. He tapped her five times on the head and said, "Not one but five sons will be born!" The woman was overjoyed, and rushed home to tell her husband of the blessing they had received.

The couple were in bliss and went to choose which was their most beautiful boat to give. They would have given anything. They felt honored and blessed to give the boat to the Guru’s son, the handsome Gobind Rai. Over time they actually did have 5 sons. They were so thankful and knew that the child Gobind Rai was more than just a mischief maker, he was a saint sent from God. And in time he became a great man who held the throne of Guru Nanak.

Storyteller:  Harijot Singh Khalsa
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 7 - 12