Kaur Voices: Ep 19 - Not Our Daughter - True Story of a Daughter-in-Law - By Kalbir Bains

With tremendous courage, Kalbir Bains breaks through taboos....

"With tremendous courage, Kalbir Bains breaks through taboos. She has transcended from victim to advocate for those suffering from domestic abuse, including honour-based violence, girl abortion, and dowry abuse.

"NOT our daughter! The true story of a daughter-in-law" is a book by Kalbir Bains; it’s also been turned into a short film. Through telling her story Kalbir gives others the courage to break through a veil of shame, thus disempowering abusers. As a volunteer for The Sharan Project Kalbir educates the younger generation on honour-based abuse and encourages them not to suffer in silence. She is also changing public policy by educating CPS, police force, and health workers. Her work is chipping away at the cycles of abuse."

Kalbir's book "NOT our daughter! The true story of a daughter-in-law" and short film were launched at Ernst and Young’s London offices in November 2017. Kalbir has since spoken at numerous events TEDx Whitehall Women, the West Midlands Police, Herefordshire Police, Cambridgeshire Police, New Scotland Yard, and for the Home Office, who invited her to speak about dowry abuse at their (roadshow and assist them in tackling these issues within the community).

She has become a role model for those seeking the courage to speak out about honour-based abuse, which affects both men and women in the South Asian community, and she helps educate both the older and younger generations on this subject.

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