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To Achieve Success

"To achieve success, start where you are, ...

I have been greatly inspired by my elders, particularly my father Man Singh ji and Uncle Manohar Singh ji.

They were born and spent their childhood in a little village in the middle of Burma, difficult to find even on a map of Burma. Yet they went on to educate themselves, acquire amazing skills, and unbelievable amount of knowledge. With their incredible hard work and wisdom they went on to achieve great personal and professional success accompanied by both national and international recognition.

I often wondered what could be the factors that could explain these extraordinary men and their achievements. The factors could be many. Then one day I came across this quote which beautifully captured the essence of their approach.

"To achieve success,
start where you are,
with what you have and
do what you can."


Gurvinder Singh
July 2018

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh is an engineer by education, Industrialist by professional experience. I have travelled and  conducted business both India and abroad (34 countries). 

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