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Art and Gurmat Learning - Art Project for Kids and Adults

Gurmat Learning for kids ~ fun and playful

Art Project for Kids and Adults

A beautiful and therapeutic ART PROJECT with CRAYONS -
“EkOngKar symbol in the Galaxy”

In this Art and Craft Project, we will portray the Galaxy with Melted Crayons, draw and paint EkOngKar (Ik Onkar) symbol in the Galaxy of melted crayons.

Throughout the project making we will learn about

“What EkOngKar means ?,
The details of the Symbol of EkOngKar”,
“How the existence came into being” and more.

Along the way we will be using Art, Imagination, Colors, Annotations, Graphics, Music and Gurbani pangti's.


Crayon Colors are used, to make the gurmat learning for kids fun and playful.

Even grownups can enjoy learning and watching this project as watching the colors melt and merge is always uplifting and therapeutic.

The vibrations of the Rainbow colors are always a delight to watch and color therapy is a source of joy and happiness to the heart.

We hope you and your kids have fun learning and enjoy this Art Project. Stay tuned for more Gurmat Learning Art Projects :)

With Guru’s Grace, Be in Chardikala -
Learn, Share and Grow

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!

Please try project of Melted Crayons under Adult Supervision. Let Adults Operate the Hair Dryer. Crayons get HOT. Cover work station with disposable table cover as there will be lot of splattering from the crayon melts)

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