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Helmet for Sikh Boys

Helmets don't fit joorhas!

Armeet Singh Jatyani is an American youth who came up with a novel idea. 

It started out with a common trouble that not just Sikh youth but Sikh men have experienced: helmets don't account for your joorha!

If you put a normal helmet on top of your patka or dastar it will not be secured and will be in a wobbly position that is not intended. So Singh's have resorted to either  braiding hair when wearing a helmet or simply placing the helmet on top of one's turban with modification that was never intended. Armeet Singh points out that this modification is not just uncomfortable and unsafe, it also doesn't look good, "Many teens and Sikh boys around the world are very self conscious about this. So many of them end up not wearing a helmet and that can lead to more injuries and deaths."  

Armeet has a proposed solution: Create a helmet for Sikh boys. 

His prototype is very easy to understand, it's a normal helmet with a hole removed which makes space for the joorha. He's started a GoFundMe campaign #SikhHelmet with a goal of $10,000 in order to create a working model which could be available in different colors and possibly other features like a GoPro mount. 

As of now his campaign is about half way towards it's goal, surely it won't take long to reach. 

We congratulate Armeet Singh with his innovative idea and wish him success! 

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