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"I Need Your Love, Waheguru !" ~ by Vaninder

A Cry of Anguish - 'Carry me over the river of pain....'



In time of need......
 When the world seems fake
 A bubble of temporary moments
 Only truth is in his grace....
 The Almighty
Lets me know
 He is there, was there, and will be there, with me
 Every moment
 Every second
 Every breath I take.....
 I cry out to you, Waheguru
 Hold me
 Lift me
 Carry me over the river of pain....
 Only you, my Guru
 Can give me the calm
 The peace, the faith....
 I am your child
 Lost in this terrain
 Only the beacon of your light
 Can guide me the way.....
 Give me the strength
 Only your love can heal...
 My heart, my soul
 I bow to you my Guru.....
 My one, my everything
 Let me lay at your feet
 Let the tear drops from my eyes
 Flood the holy platform
 Washing away my sins
 With the benevolence of your grace.....
Vaninder Kaur

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