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Khalsa Kids and Daya and Dharam book series

The Khalsa Kids Team hope to nurture the next generation of Sikhs in order to see them reach their full potential.

KKlogo (8K)Khalsa Kids is a new online store that aims to make it easier for you to find Sikhi gifts and resources for children to learn from and enjoy. At a time where it is common to see iPads/tablets/games consoles in the hands of children, Khalsa Kids hope for children to fall back in love with reading. The online store already has a range of books that are fun, vibrant and educational!

Khalsa Kids launched in January 2017 with the publication of the first book in a series, Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara. There has been an overwhelming response to the Daya and Dharam book series with over 1000 books sold worldwide through Khalsa Kids and major online book retailers.

ActivityBook (156K)

The team behind Khalsa Kids is Navreet Singh from Coventry, UK. With the support of his wife Satnam Kaur and fantastic illustrator Arvinder Singh of Sikh Vision.

Navreet Singh has travelled the world organising fun Sikh retreats for children, teaching Keertan, Gurbani, Gatka and lecturing on Sikh history for the last 15 years. In 2013, Navreet Singh authored The First Step - a book which translates the Mool Mantra appropriately for young children.

He is the creator and author of the Daya and Dharam book series, following brother and sister on their many adventures.

Family (78K)

Satnam Kaur has used her skills and expertise from her teaching career to support Navreet Singh in his vision for Khalsa Kids. As the Director of Rasaval Publishers, she ensures all of Navreet Singh and Arvinder Singh's hard work comes to life in the form of a published book. She has a passion for keertan and is always looking for new ways to keep their son, Rasaval Singh entertained!

Arvinder (44K)Arvinder Singh is the creator of Sikh Vision - a rapidly growing social media platform with over 22K followers, with a mission to deliver high quality resources for western Sikhs. His creativity and commitment truly show in his work.

Arvinder Singh has organised youth Gurmat camps and Divaans in London and he uses his artistic flare and graphic design skills to make resources for use in Gurmat camps.

Check out his vibrant illustrations in the Daya and Dharam book series!

Together, the team have loved working with manufacturers and publishers worldwide to produce books and products of the highest quality for the Khalsa Kids store. As they learn more about the needs of the next generation, Khalsa Kids will bring new products to you that the whole family can enjoy.

Why was Khalsa Kids started?

Navreet Singh is passionate about doing parchaar to children (spreading the message of Sikhi) and believes that children have a special love for learning from which they can see the beauty and essence of Sikhi's rich history.

He explains, "I always thought I was going around the world to teach children about Sikhi but as I attended each camp and each programme, I realised that being in the presence of children teaches you more about yourself. Then Guru Jee blessed me with my own little Khalsa Kid, Rasaval Singh! As soon as he came in to our lives everything became about him, every thought, every decision, every choice was all for his benefit. All we want is for our children to flourish and enjoy life and that's what Sikhi gives them."

"Me and my wife gathered as many Sikhi resources as possible for our son, but as children grow and develop so fast, we began to run out of Sikhi books or games to keep him entertained and that's when I decided that there needed to be new resources and support those who are already creating resources."

"Our aim is simple, we want your Little Khalsa to be spoilt for choice when learning about Sikhi and its roots."

The online store is now home to children's books, attire and many other products and gift ideas. The Team will bring new products this year and beyond, so that each little Singh and Kaur gets to have a Sikh based gift for every birthday, Gurpurab and Vaisakhi!

Khalsa Kids are publishing a brand new book this Vaisakhi: My First Sikh Word Book. Suitable from birth, this book features many words with colourful illustrations to help young children to identify with the Sikh faith.

Front Cover First Word Book (64K)

In celebration of Vaisakhi, Khalsa Kids would like to give SikhNet readers 10% off ALL products, using the code SIKHNET10.

The Khalsa Kids Team hope to nurture the next generation of Sikhs in order to see them reach their full potential. Follow them on their journey at

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