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Meet Suhailjeet Singh: 1st Amritdhari to join Air Force Post

Singh came to New Zealand as a 3 years old child with his parents from New Delhi and became a citizen in 2008....

Auckland: In the latest achievement for the nascent Sikh community in New Zealand, Suhailjeet Singh (20) has joined the prestigious New Zealand Air force as an Aircraft Technician. With this path-breaking achievement, Suhailjeet has become first Amritdhari Sikh to join this post.

Singh came to New Zealand as a 3 years old child with his parents from New Delhi and became a citizen in 2008. After his initial schooling, Singh completed his architectural diploma from Unitech. 

While growing up as a youth, Suhailjeet was active in the community and he was involved in various cultural, religious and social activities. He learned Punjabi, Gurmat-Sangeet and Gatka (Sikh Martial Art) at Gurdwara in New Zealand. He has interest in supporting many social causes and he recently been involved in raising awareness regarding Post-traumatic stress disorder on Social media. His father Teja Singh, mother Amrit Naina Kaur and brother Ajit Singh have played a very supportive role in his journey so far.

Due to his hard work, he has been selected for the post of “Aircraft Technician”. This will give him the opportunity to go through many advanced courses at the facility and will become a full-fledged professional Air Craft Mechanic. After the completion of this course work, he will be in charge of servicing the Aircraft before its take-off and the post landing.

New Zealand Air force gives complete freedom to the employees to follow their own religion and the outer appearance. 

Being a Amritdhari gursikh, Suhailjeet Singh will serve the Air force with carrying five kakars along with a small badge of Air Force on the short turban. 

The news of his selection has come as a great delight to the Sikh community in New Zealand. Suhailjeet’s initiative and struggle will bear fruit as his story will inspire many youngsters to pursue new opportunities in various fields. 

Dr Rajwant Singh, Senior Advisor, National Sikh Campaign, congratulated Suhailjeet Singh and entire Sikh community in New Zealand for this great accomplishment. He said “Suhailjeet’s selection will open up numerous prospect of success for the Sikh diaspora, As there are so many opportunities for Sikh youngsters which go neglected.’’ He said “There’s a lot of potential in our community which needs to be channelized in the right direction, Suhailjeet’s achievement will also help in creating awareness about Sikh religion worldwide. American Sikhs wish him success in his great career ahead.’’

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