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The New "Sikhist" Podcast featuring @MrSikhNet

The Sikhist podcast is a project started to help get a Sikh perspective, spread knowledge while still being entertaining...

Sahajvir Singh

The Sikhist podcast is a project started to help get a Sikh perspective out there in the podcast space. I have been a huge fan of podcasts for many years and always felt this space could use more representations of Sikh voices. Our topics will cover a wide range of subjects such as religion, mental health, philosophy to entertainment, sports and more! I also want to interview experts in their respective fields to help bring valuable information to our community. I hope the Sikhist podcast can spread knowledge while still being entertaining. 

I’m EXCITED to drop my latest podcast with my dear friend @mrsikhnet (Gurumustuk) . It's an engaging conversation of laughs to serious topics such as internet sensibility in this day and age.

Our podcasts are available on itunes, stitcher, spotify, youtube and any android podcasts apps. Show some love and follow @sikhistpodcast on insta , Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Stay blessed!!



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