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Young Sikh Couple Does Covid Seva Instead of Honeymoon

"I am born to die. Every breathe that I am taking right now is given by God....

The Covid Crisis in India is now known to the whole world, so too is the incredible work of volunteers to help their fellow man. 

ABC News' Maggie Rulli traveled to New Delhi to report on the ground. One of the things she found was the remarkable service of a young couple from Punjab. 

"Newly weds Ishaan Singh and Paramjyot Kaur say they sprung into action on day one of this crisis... The couple, helping running a makeshift hospital created out of a wedding venue, getting oxygen to those in need." 

Covid seva couple gaze.jpg

"The two aren't from Delhi, and they're not even medical professionals, they're tech workers from Punjab, almost 250 miles away. After getting married just a few months ago they planned on a honeymoon. But with the death toll rising they said instead they wanted to help."  

Paramjyot said, "I and my husband were the first two volunteers of this drive-through. From day one we haven't gone back to our home. We are very happily staying here. We are just so satisfied that we are helping people." 

Ishaan explains what keeps him coming back despite the death and tragedy around this situation, "It's the passion that I have inside of me that came from my religion. I am a Sikh. I am born to die. Every breathe that I am taking right now is given by God. If we look at our history our Gurus and Sikhs have done everything for the people. They sacrificed their lives for humanity." 

covid couple mahal.jpg

The reporter left in awe at the amount of Sikhs that could be seen serving in the front lines, "Sikhs make up less than 2% of the population but everywhere we went we saw Sikh caregivers." 

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